PD Surveyor Air


The PD Surveyor Air™ handheld PD surveying tool is the ‘first-line of defense’ for the detection of PD activity in medium voltage (MV) power cables and plant in the voltage range 6.6kV to 45kV. The robust test unit, incorporated with a digital TEV-dB display and external acoustic probes, enables the user to carry out rapid, “look-see” insulation condition testing through the unique combination of three PD measurement technologies: HFCT, TEV and Airborne Acoustic.
Optional accessories are available to improve both the flexibility and range of detection of the PD Surveyor Air™ unit. With help from the optional available outdoor acoustic parabolic receiver (incl. laser pointer) it is possible to detect and locate Surface and Corona discharges on e.g. insulators or outdoor terminations.