Megger TDX 120 TRAX High Voltage Accessory


  • Easy to use with automatic and manual operation
  • Maximum 12 kV and 500 mA output enable measurement on high capacitance objects without the use of an inductor
  • Wide frequency test voltage (1-505 Hz) for DFR measurements
  • Accurate measurement results under high noise conditions as tested to 765 kV substations
  • Lightweight, rugged design
  • Patented built-in individual temperature correction (ITC) eliminates the need for temperature correction tables

The TRAX accessory TDX 120 is a fully automatic 12 kV insulation dissipation factor (tan delta / power factor) test set designed for condition assessment of electrical insulation in high voltage apparatus. When connected to the TRAX, a special app is activated that enables the most advanced tan delta / power factor testing on the market.