Megger SVERKER 750 Single Phase Relay Tester


The SVERKER 750 features a multi-mode display which makes relay testing more efficient. Time, voltage, current, impedance (Z), resistance (R), reactance (X), virtual power (S), active power (P), reactive power (Q), phase angle (φ) and power factor (cos φ) can all be displayed.

The SVERKER 750 can test directional protective equipment due to an inbuilt variable voltage source, as well as protective devices which automatically reclose after operation.

Three phase protective equipment can also be tested, one phase at a time. Multiple SVERKER units can be connected and synchronised to form a basic three phase test set, applicable for relay protection systems that require phase shifting.

The SVERKER 750 can test the following relays:

  • Overcurrent relays
  • Inverse time overcurrent relays
  • Undercurrent relays
  • Ground fault relays
  • Directional overcurrent relays
  • Directional ground fault relays
  • Overvoltage relays
  • Under voltage relays
  • Directional power relays
  • Power factor relays
  • Differential protection (differential circuits)
  • Distance protection equipment (phase by phase)
  • Negative sequence overcurrent relays
  • Motor overload protection
  • Automatic reclosing devices
  • Tripping relays
  • Voltage regulating relays
  • Under impedance relays
  • Thermal relays
  • Time-delay relays


Additional Features:

In addition to protective relay testing, the SVERKER 750 also offers the following features:

  • Plotting excitation curves
  • Current and voltage transformer ratio tests
  • Burden measurement for protective relay test equipment
  • Impedance measurement
  • Efficiency tests
  • Polarity (direction) tests
  • Injection
  • Maintained – Injection continues without any time limitation.
  • Momentary – Injection continues only as long as the button is kept depressed.
  • time – Injection stops automatically when the pre-set maximum time is reached.
  • Filtering
  • When filtering is selected, five successive readings are averaged. The following can be filtered: Current, Voltage and Extra items that are measured.
  • Off delay

The turning off of generation can be delayed after tripping throughout a specified time interval that is expressed in mains frequency cycles.