MEGGER Surgeflex SFX 25 Cable Fault Locating System


The mobile and battery powered fault locating system is designed for stand-alone operation. It will provide its full surge energy for up to 1.5 hours continuously. With 25 kV output voltage this system is well suited for fault locating in low and medium voltage distribution networks.

The powerful ARM (Arc reflection method) is used for pre-location of high resistance faults. Low resistance faults can be located with only the Teleflex SX and without having to use high voltage methods. The Teleflex SX offers convenient operator support with online help and one-button-operation. It automatically shows the far end of cable and fault distance in the “ARM mode“.

Even inexperienced users can easily locate faults with the “step-by-step easy mode”. The operator is guided through the fault locating process. On the other hand, the “Expert mode“ provides free access to all parameters for comprehensive fault locating even under difficult conditions. 1150 Joules of surge energy provide the necessary power for accurately pinpointing cable faults with the acoustic method. Weatherproof housing and big wheels make the Surgeflex 25 suitable for easy operation in the field.