MEGGER SmartFuse SFC 250 Monitoring and Fault Location in Low-Voltage Grids


SFC250, a multifunctional electronic circuit-breaker system for load currents up to 250 A is Megger’s solution for low voltage power grids.

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of current and voltage progression
  • Early warning of impending grid overload
  • Automatic restoration of power supply
  • Minimised downtimes
  • Cable fault location with households connected
  • Modular multipolar design

The SFC250 circuit-breaker system:

  • replaces conventional HRC standard fuses and is compatible with NH02 and NH03 fuse holders
  • offers the maximum flexibility through modular multipolar design
  • monitors the current and voltage progression in real time, continuously records the data and reports events via the mobile phone network (GSM, 3G), WiFi or LAN to the user
  • sends the user an early warning if grid overload is threatened
  • can be configured to automatically restore the power
  • can locate cable faults without the need to disconnect consumers from the mains