MEGGER PVK 330 Photovoltaic Kit


  • PVM 210 irradiance meter
  • DCM 340 600 A AC / DC clamp meter
  • MC 4 solar connectors to 4 mm standard plug test leads
  • MC 3 to MC 4 adapter test leads
  • PV kit storage pouch

When installing, commissioning and testing a photovoltaic installation additional instrumentation is required to accompany the usual electrician’s test equipment such as the Megger MFT 1730 and MFT 1835 multifunction testers.

The Megger PVK 330 photovoltaic kit offers this additional instrumentation in the form of a PVM210 irradiance meter, DCM 340 600 A AC / DC clamp meter and a kit of specialist solar test leads.