MEGGER PFL 22M 1500 and 32M 1500 Portable Cable Fault Locators


The PFL Series of cable fault locators provide a versatile, portable solution for advanced identification, prelocation, and pinpointing of cable faults on a wide variety of cable types.

The PFL22 M1500 and PFL32 M1500 perform DC insulation testing up to 20 kV and 32 kV, 8/16kV and 16/32 arc reflection with 1500 joules surge output, arc reflection plus, differential arc reflection and impulse current and pulse echo modes of fault prelocation.

The unit incorporates the MTDR100 which offers auto ranging, a comprehensive cable library and is user friendly with a single selection knob.

  • DC insulation testing
  • Fault conditioning
  • Arc reflection, arc reflection plus, differential arc reflection, impulse current and pulse echo prelocation methods
  • Ergonomically designed control panel
  • 10.4 inch integrated colour screen TDR
  • Optional inverter available with PFL22