MEGGER EZ Restore OVERDRIVE Series URD Troubleshooting or Sectionalizing Tool


The EZ-Restore OVERDRIVE is a lightweight, one person operational, time-saving tool for troubleshooting or sectionalizing URD loops.

Based on the ARM technology, the OVERDRIVE allows identifying a faulted cable segment in between two single phase Y grounded distribution transformers without isolating cable segments, by standing them off, pulling bayonet fuses, or the use of fault indicators. The ARM method has proven to be on average 45 minutes faster to restore power compared to other sectionalizing methods. The EZ-OVERDRIVE is the tool of choice when the reduction in outage minutes (SAIDI index) becomes the objective.

  • Lightweight at < 22 kg
  • Back-feed alert
  • Safe-grounding interlock
  • USB interface
  • High-brite TFT colour LCD
  • Complies to IEC/EN61010 safety standard
  • 12 kV/A 1,100 J output
  • Maximum circuit length 25,000 ft (7,620 m)
  • Battery/AC/ext. DC powered
  • Rugged wheeled Pelicase enclosure
  • IP53 open/IP54 closed lid