High performance, 320×240 thermal imaging camera for maintenance professionals
Features LaserSharp® Auto Focus to produce consistently in-focus images.
Offers Fluke Connect® App to share results with remote users via a smart phone
Measures temperaturesfrom-20 °C to +1200 °C (-4 °F to +2192 °F)
Provides IR Fusion® technology with AutoBlend™ mode to help clearly identify potential problems with precisely blended visual and infrared images
Provides a one-handed, easy-to-use interface
Offers faster communication with wireless image transfer directly to PC, Apple® iPhone® or iPad®
Includes backlit ruggedized LCD capacitive touchscreen Captures additional digital images to show location or additional site details with IR-PhotoNotes™ photo annotation system
Digitally documents critical information along with the infrared image using IR-PhotoNotes™ or voice annotation
Works with optional interchangeable lenses for greater flexibility in additional applications
Includes rechargeable, field replaceable smart batteries with five-segment LED display to show charge levels
Captures high definition visible light images with built-in 5-megapixel industrial performance digital camera
Includes Fluke Connect® SmartView® Analysis and Reporting Software